Claudia Mulcahy

Author. Teacher. Thriver.

Teaching, Demonstrating and Inspiring People to Live at Higher Levels of Consciousness


logoClaudia’s passion is teaching, demonstrating and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness. She embraces universal spiritual new thought concepts, and holds a ministerial license with Emerson New Thought Center, Church Without Walls. Claudia is a native of San Diego, California. She lives her life in gratitude and loves to spend time in positive environments, nature and traveling. She also enjoys time spent with her parents, and other loved ones. She is three-time thriver, and living every day to the fullest.

Claudia also mentors, teaches and helps with financial freedom. Visit her site Spirit and Money Matters for more information.

What People Are Saying About Claudia

“Claudia  was and is a strong comforting presence during my own cancer treatment and recovery. She stands tall and strong in her own adversity, giving the goodness of God in her own generous manner sending prayers, blessings and ideas to others in need! (Head scarves, muffins, and other dietary ideas.) She makes life more special.”—Greta Edwards, Patient who had ovarian cancer

“Thank you, Claudia for your up-lifting moral support. I have a True friend. Your time, energy, and your dependability to up-lift the situation at hand is always appreciated. You don’t minimize or dismiss — you hear, and act on it. Thank you for your offerings and actions of sincerity.”—Mary Reynard, Patient who had ear cancer

“Several months after my surgery I noticed a tightness in my arm and hand which concerned me.  My mother had experienced lymphedema and it had been very difficult for her.  When I told Claudia about my concern she showed me a quick and easy lymph massage which I tried that very day. Within a few days there was a noticeable difference. Thank you Claudia!”—Nancy Roger, Patient who had breast cancer

“In Praise of Claudia Mulcahy: Claudia has been my survival coach since I received my diagnosis of breast cancer. She is my go-to person for procedural questions, and peace of mind.

Claudia let me know what I could expect during the first month after diagnosis: It would be filled with doctor visits, and surgery would not happen immediately.

Among her recommendations: (a) Bring a note pad and pencil to the consultations. (b) Change doctors if you don’t trust or can’t work with the one you have. (c) If you worry, pray; If you pray, don’t worry. (d) Ask for help. (e) Prepare the best you can — then let go and trust. One of her informational nuggets was Arnica Montana, an OTC homeopathic product to prevent bruising. I started taking Arnica, and the bruising and swelling from the needle biopsy subsided. Bruising after surgery was minimal.

Claudia recognized my fear and my need to be in control. Her advice struck responsive chords. Claudia’s been through the treatment. She understands my concerns. Everyone should have a Claudia in her life.”—Karen Shafer, Ph.D. Patient who had breast cancer