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“Confronting cancer unleashes a storm of emotions, fears, and stresses. Confusion, anger, and a sense of aloneness and isolation are the norm. In Cancer:What To Do Or Say, Claudia Mulcahy shares her journey through these challenges. What she learned and shares will empower anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. This book is crammed with terrific advice, served up with grit, humor and a light heart. Learn from it!”

—Larry Dossey, MD
   Executive Editor:  Explore:  The Journal of Science and Healing
   Author:  One Mind 

“A testament to how each person’s experience with cancer is their own, yet often has common overlapping themes with experiences of others with cancer or other challenges in life. Claudia’s story highlights how emotional support can come from numerous, and sometimes unexpected, sources, including the chance to just tell the story.”

Scott A. Irwin, MD, PhD; FAPM; FAPA

     Director, Psychiatry & Psychosocial Services; Patient & Family Support Services,               

     UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center                      

     Director, Palliative Care Psychiatry, UC San Diego Health System

     Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, UC San Diego School of Medicine

“Claudia’s telling of her cancer saga is insightful, funny, heart-breaking and amazing. This captivating story is peppered with clear advice for cancer patients and their caregivers. These bullets of advice are at the same time very specific to cancer but also universal. No matter how much you know about cancer there is something to learn here.”

—Richard Schwab, MD
   Division of Hematology/Oncology
   Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
   UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

“Those who live the experience know the territory and can be our guides and coach us through life’s trouble spots. The benefits apply to more than just cancer so read, learn and survive.”

—Bernie Siegel, MD 
   Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing

“Enduring the seemingly endless struggle of battling cancer can be a mind-numbing experience for anyone afflicted with the disease. The uplifting book by Claudia Mulcahy provides a mesmerizing insight into one woman’s journey with an ample spread of humor, suspense, and always a will to enlighten the reader. Both patient and caregiver will learn something and find inspiration to push them through the trials of their treatment. In addition, those with any other kinds of hardships will also have something to gain from reading this book.”

—Alexander V. Prokhorov, MD, PhD and
               Ina N. Prokhorov, MD
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Claudia shared very well who and how you let loved ones in on your situation. I believe your thought process and it’s written delivery is informative, sensitive and well delivered (realistic). For me it is helpful for those who have yet to walk this path. It shows that courage comes in many forms. I liked it.”

—Raymond S. Brown Sr., Family member and friend of four who passed away from cancer

“Claudia hits the mark right on! Her book explains it clearly and made it fun to read without blowing off how frightening cancer is. This book has to get out there! Claudia walks us down the path of chemo therapy, lightening the dark spots with flashes of her humor; showing us there is light at the end of the tunnel. Very well done.”

—Doris Enright, Patient with lung cancer

“Having lost my mother-in-law to cancerI was excited to see Claudia share her insights into how family and friends need to interact with the patient. People don’t know whether or not to talk about the illness and how to act around the patient, so they stay away. Come close, offer support, bring meals, sing songs, keep life as close to what it used to be as possible.”

—Jan Garrison, RN

“I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking honest, practical, useful information in dealing with a diagnosis of cancer.  Claudia invites the reader to journey with her through her personal experiences, and offers insight into issues which are rarely addressed in other books.  By weaving humor throughout, Claudia encourages the reader to take a breath, to smile.”

—Peg Selover, Animal Reiki Practitioner & Legal Assistant